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Boon AI™

Say hello to the world’s first & only AI-enabled IoT platform, the smartest water system in the world, developed by Boon.
Imagine being able to monitor every drink, every drop, every day? Boon’s breakthrough water system helps everything from homes to corporates in tracking, customising and analysing drinking water 24X7.

Drink Every Drop of Pure Water With Boon AI’s
Signature AI and IoT Technologies

Let’s understand how it works

Artificial Intelligence. Real Impact.

Boon’s exclusive WaterStack™ and TechStack enable water purification systems to customise every drop and every second. This ensures our purifiers like the WaterCube run on 70-90% efficiency compared to typical RO purifiers’ 15-25%.

Standard Purifier:

Boon WaterStack Purifier:

Boon’s proprietary system
for purification technology


- Programmed for automated minerals adjustment
- Real time water quality assessment
- Optimises system for efficiency based on usage
- Superior purification through data learning

An efficient technology
to monitor and control
purification system


- AI-enabled maintenance forecasts
- Remote problem analysis to decrease time and cost
- Automated alerts management
- Continuous filter health monitoring


At Boon, thanks to our scientist founders and early foray in innovating water technologies, we’ve registered 8 patents and continue to be the thought leaders in watertech.

Path Breaking

With a research team working in the grassroots, our deep dive studies, innovation opportunities and socio-economic reports continue to make new strides on the scientific and social fronts in collaboration with NITI Ayog and DST.

In-house R&D

From the start, we’ve made it essential to have our own in-house state-of-the-art water technology R&D laboratory which has also been accredited by DSIR. This helps us take our products and technologies faster from ideas to executions.

With Boon’s Tech,
The Glass Is Always Full.

Lower Cost
Better Efficiency
Data Utilisation
Instant Service
Sustainability At Scale
Quality Assurance
AI and IoT help our products achieve maximum productivity.
Saves more water while using less power.
Harnessing the power of data optimises the way your Boon products work.
Our AI predictive technology Clairvoyant™ preempts maintenance service or filtration changes.
Across industries, homes and corporates - Boon products empower you to take a greener step towards water usage.
Absolute assurance of quality with our monitoring technologies.

Tech Leaders.
Powering A Water Revolution.



Boon is honoured to have its in-house Research & Development Lab accredited by the Department of Science and Industrial Research, Government of India.


We have been in a fruitful funding partnership with the Technology Development Board, Government of India and the Department of Science and Technology.


Founded and spearheaded by graduates and scientists from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology


As we continue innovating, our path breaking research and technologies have multiple patents pending.


Boon is humbled with the recognition across India’s startup ecosystem with awards like “IoT Startup of the Year’ and ‘Technology Enterprise of the Year’ among many.

Partnering Global Leaders.
Watering Local Change.

From hospitality chains and multinationals to the Fortune 500 giants, Boon has been tested and trusted by over 900 corporations
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